Gamespot heeft een review van Revenant. Echt geweldig vinden ze het spel niet :What a great game this could have been. It has all the essentials of a good roleplaying game ­ a balanced learning curve, imaginative opponents, some serious hardware, and plenty of goals. All this plus, great 3D effects, combat innovations, multiplayer mode, and a belt for your most-used items and spells. The trouble is, there are enough small but irritating features to take the shine off. The main one being the lack of multiple missions. You only really get one, divided up into a series of smaller, linear tasks. You also only get to play one character (Locke), with no chance to preconfigure his stats. Luckily, he's impressive. Resurrected from the dead to help destroy an evil cult and rescue the king's daughter, Locke is aggressive, bad-tempered, and very handy when it comes to a fight ­ which it often does. He kills monsters to acquire skills and cash, which allows him to buy better armour, magic and weapons, which allows him to kill more monsters. Predictable, but very addictive.