Bij Avault hebben ze de nieuwe patch voor Revenant (2,08 MB). No v1.21 information available Changes in v1.11 Fully reprogrammed and tested multiplayer functionality for deathmatch. This was needed in 1.11 to support the current functionality of the game, and also to make coop and MUD mode for 1.2 work correctly. This makes up the massive bulk of the time and changes that went into 1.11. The in game multiplayer interface for deathmatch supports buying and selling of items. Characters names float above the characters as they play... allowing you to distinguish who's who. Object manipulation, including dropping and picking up items work correctly. Characters can join parties, and share objects through their green 'swag bag'. Kill stats are maintained in deathmatch games, and are displayed in the main game interface under the player's icon, and on the player list in the multiplayer in game manager screen. Host Edit mode (or Host God mode) is displayed in bright red letters for clients when they select to play a game in the connect screen. This makes it clear to clients that the host has the ability to view and edit characters in that game. We considered removing this feature in the deathmatch game, as it was intended for MUD persistent games, but decided to retain it after testers requested it be kept in. Character LAG is dramatically reduced. Experience and levelling up works correctly in deathmatch games. Differences between the advantages/disavantages of different mp characters are more dramatic, and more balanced. Enhanced performance for the game's 3D system, scrolling system, and imagery caching system. A great deal of time and energy has been spent in optimizing the game. Complete multithreaded screen scrolling system. 3D characters and effects are properly cached during sector preloading "Loading Map Please Wait", preventing the game from pausing to load characters. 3D system now uses 4x3 matrices Rendering pipeline is streamlined to alleviate stalls caused by mouse cursor hit detection. Dynamic lighting system now only recalulates moving lights each frame. Improved combat gameplay. Combat stats for different swings are now more correct. Very heavy penalty for mashing. Floating combat results. Combat results appear above the players as combat progresses. Combat results on the message bar can be turned off in the game options screen. Improved support for 3Dfx drivers and other problem system configurations. Character now displays correctly on side bar in VooDoo III. MUCH MORE