3D Actionplanet heeft een lange preview geschreven over Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Ze schrijven ondermeer over de AI, Single & Multiplayer en de interactiviteit die het spel bied.classic probably isn't really a classic until somebody tries to remake it. The guys at id, Activision, and Gray Matter Interactive Studios aren't exactly trying to remake the classic Wolfenstein 3D, but they're definitely trying to make a seequel that captures the same attitude, action, atmosphere, and amazement. The original Wolfenstein 3D had you playing the role of American superspy B.J. Blazkowicz as he tried to stop the nefarious (all eveil geniuses are nefarious, after all), Himmler from using a blend of black occult magic and unrestrained scientific experiments to create an army of Nazi supersoldiers. You once again take control of B.J. in Return to Castle Wolfenstein as you further battle the Nazis and do your best to stall their rush for world domination. Seems that Himmler thinks he's the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian god, and it's up to Agent Blazkowicz to convince him otherwise through the use of skilled rhetoric, logical arguments, and a continuous sprays of gunfire. I got a chance to play Return to Castle Wolfenstein at the 2000 Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3), as well as talk to Activision's Kevin Kraff.

Ziet er in ieder geval erg atmosferisch uit!

Wil je alvast verkennen wat je te wachten staat als het spel uitkomt, klik dan hier voor de preview.

Kenny!! Achtuuuuung!