Resident Evil 3 is zowel een prequel als een sequel op deel 2. De grote verschillen zitten in de meerdere bewegingen die te maken zijn, en ook het soepeler bewegen. Verder is de AI van de zombies verder opgeschroefd, maar wel op z'n zombies. Alle zombies reageren en zien er verschillend uit, maar slim zijn ze natuurlijk nog steeds niet. Over Nemesis hebben ze het volgende te zeggen:In Nemesis, there are two "tyrant" characters, both of whom actually pursue the heroine throughout the game. The tyrants wear mysterious long black coats and are altogether more capable than the enemies in the first two games. They can actually pick up and throw your character, rendering them doubly dangerous. Their advantages over your character are incredible strength and speed. The Nemesis himself is an all-powerful boss zombie who's huge. He's almost 8 feet tall, and built like a pro weight lifter. More to the matter is the weapon he carries an infinitely loaded bazooka. Yes, friends, it's a boss zombie who's powerful and carries a kick-ass bazooka. Nemesis is not invulnerable, but he's difficult to defeat, to say the least. He's got more than just a bazookas, too, but we'll leave that for later. The first time you see him (or at least when we saw him), Nemesis crashes through a window to attack you with an aggression unseen in previous Resident Evil games. This zombie is smart and fast. In fact, he's faster than you. Much faster. Nemesis will attack you with his bazooka, firing at you or swinging it at you, and then as the race for a doorway begins, he'll run after you. Damn! That's right, he'll catch up to you and take you out, he'll follow you to the doorway and then, as you open and close it behind you, he'll open it up and run after you. Yes, yes, in short he's the uber-zombie bastard creation of new proportions, and he's ready to kick your ass.