PC.Ign ging eens rond de tafel zitten met 1 van de makers van Republic, een enorm indrukwekkend spel waarin een compleet land wordt gesimuleerd. Dit houdt in dat er meer dan 30 dorpen, 5 steden en een enorme hoofdtad met 1 miljoen inwoners met een indrukwekkende engine worden weergegeven.

Een stukje uit het gesprek :IGNPC: What's been your main focus in terms of development so far? What facet of the game has been sucking up the most of your time?

Demis Hassabis: The main challenge so far of the development itself has been to get the wealth of new technologies that have been created for this game to firstly just simply work, and then to work efficiently and stably. Cutting edge technology in both graphics and AI is very hard to develop, takes a lot of time and is unfortunately often unpredictable! But that is the nature of the beast. It does, however, give you a tremendous foundation on which to build a fantastic original game on.

IGNPC: The Totality engine is truly impressive -- but you usually see this level of depth with shooters or action games, not a strategy game such as this. Why was the engine so important for Republic?

Demis Hassabis: It was hugely important to have an awesome engine to power Republic so that its epic scale could be portrayed visually. Also I wanted large actions, such as riots and rallies, to have an incredible cinematic feel to them and yet have complex AI controlling them so that the player could interact with what was going on and not have to just watch passively. This meant no cut-scenes and everything being done in-engine, thus the need for Totality.

IGNPC: When did you realize that you'd actually be able to pull off a game with a million AI residents?

Demis Hassabis: Right at the start of development when we sat down and designed the AI architecture for the game, I had in mind a system that would be able to cope with a very large number of autonomous agents, that was partly why Republic was designed how it was, to take advantage of this.

Dit spel staat erg hoog op mijn verlanglijstje

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