GA-Source heeft wat screenies en info geplaatst over Huur een held (Rent-A-Hero dus). Hieronder een stukkie ervan.n Rent-A-Hero players will join a professional hero-for-hire, 'Rodrigo,' on his great adventure as he outwits pirates, battles dragons and struggles to solve the mystery of Tol Andar. The game takes place in Tol Andar, a magical fantasy island floating on the Sea of Infinity. It is home to horrifying dragons, beautiful princesses, and true heroes. Protected by unscalable cliffs, the island's inhabitants dwell in peaceful harmony guarding the ancient Gloomstones, whose mysterious magical powers help the islanders in their daily lives. Pirates who have learned of the Gloomstones prepare for their attack on Tol Andar and will stop at nothing to obtain the ancient treasure.