De duitse game site publiseerde een interview met Westwood's Louis Castle(een van de makers van renegade). Renegade is een 3D aktie spel in het Command and Conquer universum.1.What kind of game is Renegade ? What made Westwood to create a third person action game ? [Castle, Louis] Renegade is a 3D action game set in the Command & Conquer universe. You can switch at any time while playing from 3rd to first person. The inspiration for the product was the Commando mission from the original Command & Conquer game. We wanted to give players a whole bunch of commando missions and that lead to the development of Renegade. 2. Could You give us some information about the engine which is used for Renegade ? [Castle, Louis] The engine was developed here at Westwood. We use a HAL layer but everything above the drivers was developed specifically for Renegade. It is an arbitrary mesh engine which means that anything our artists can create in Max can be an environment in Renegade. This gives us the maximum amount of flexibility to create the world of C&C up close and personal.Lees de rest van het interview hier.