Ign heeft een nieuwe preview van RedAlert2. De ene gamer wacht er wel op en dan andere laat hem snel liggen. Westwood heeft iedergeval naar mijn mening veel goed te maken na de "flop" C&C : Tiberium Sun. De preview

hier te lezen.This is the life. Yesterday I flew out to Las Vegas to see the folks at Westwood. Well, that's not entirely accurate. While I love to see the Westwood folks, I had an ulterior motive -- I wanted to get my hands on Red

Alert 2. The game is very nearly complete and Westwood extended to me an invitation to play through as much of the game as I could in one day. And let me tell you, I can play a lot of Red Alert in a day. After completing a substantial part of the Allied campaign and a few missions of the Soviet campaign, I have to admit I'm very impressed with the game.

Being the patriotic NATO type that I am, I spent most of my time on the Allied campaign. The first thing to mention is that there's no handholding in the aafirst few missions. The normal one or two mission training period has been removed from the campaign and placed in a separate 'boot-camp' tutorial. That way, if you're a

hardcore strategy gamer, you don't have to wade through the same boring tutorial missions that normally start off most RTS games. I skipped right by the boot camp (I

have played an RTS before) and went right to the action.

The missions involve blowing up or capturing certain buildings and eliminating enemy units. But there are a lot of variations on that theme here. In the first mission you'll have to use Agent Tanya to place C4 charges in the enemy base. But from there, things start to deviate from the RTS model. You'll have to fight through Soviet defenses to rescue the President from the White House, carry out an amphibious assault on Chicago, and use your spy units to infiltrate an enemy base and blow up the missile silos. While there's a kind of universal strategy to the Allied side, the missions are varied enough that you'll have to invent several ways around different problems. Dit lijkt me een zeer waardige opvolger worden voor RedAlert die ik ook helemaal kapot gespeeld heb. Jaja dat is alweer een tijdje geleden. Ik was telkens verzot op de filmpjes.