Bob was niet de enige die een preview maakte over Red Faction. Ook Daily Radar dook dieper in dit spel om te kijken of de hoge verwachtingen wel terecht zijn.Red Faction is shooting the FPS genre full of holes -

and we've given it a shot.

At its second annual Editor's Day, THQ proudly

demonstrated its eagerly awaited sci-fi shooter Red

Faction. Taking place on the planet of Mars in a

distant future, the game follows the adventures of

Parker, a disillusioned miner in the employ of the

undoubtedly evil multi-planetary Ultor Corporation.

When a plague begins to spread throughout the mining community, suspicions are aroused -- and, with the help of a few scrupulous Ultor employees, a massive conspiracy is eventually revealed.

In our last preview, we wondered whether the Geo Mod

engine was gimmick or genre-buster, and we're

pleased to say that many of Volition's claims are valid.

We've been following this one for some time, but this

is the first hands-on look we've had with it -- and if the developers can nail that ever-so-tricky issue of

gameplay balancing, we might have a winner on our

hands. Stay tuned for more updates - we've got a

feeling that when it comes to tearing the first-person

shooter genre a new one, Red Faction still has plenty

of rounds left in its barrel. De Daily Radar preview is in ieder geval veelbelovend over het spel. Maar een verhaal heeft altijd 2 kanten en wil je het ook in het Nederlands lezen, klik dan hier.