ActionTrip vond het nodig om de ééntjes en nulletjes die samen een interview vormen met James Tsai online te gooien. James maakt deel uit van het team van Volition dat momenteel werkend is aan Red Faction, dé FPS waarbij alles overhoop geschoten kan worden. En zoals ook al uit deze nieuwsposting blijkt, wordt interactiviteit met de omgeving zeer gewaardeerd door de gamers. In het interview komt eigenlijk niet veel nieuws meer aan bod, het is meer een preview gemaakt door James aan de hand van de vragen van ActionTrip.Action Trip: Tell us more about the basic plot. Any chance of adding stuff to it, or are you all done in that department?

James Tsai: In Red Faction the player assumes the role of Parker, a young miner swept up in a rebellion against his employer, the oppressive Ultor Corp. Driven to action by deplorable working conditions and a mysterious illness sweeping through their ranks, the rebels clash with Ultor and Parker finds himself thrust into a battle which takes him all over Mars and beyond. It is an action-packed story with several twists and fantastic character development that will really enrich the single-player experience of the game.

The game's story was written by Mike Breault and is effectively finished at this point. As we round out and balance gameplay, there may be minor tweaks and adjustments made that best suit the overall presentation of the game but it's highly unlikely we'll see any significant redesign of the plot now. Of course, this doesn't mean that the story doesn't already have quite a few surprises in store for the player. Vergeet ook onze eigen preview niet te lezen!