Van de makers van Descent en Descent: Freespace is er nu een filmpje te zien van Red Faction.

De Descent en Freespace series hebben een nieuwe mijlpaal gezet voor Space Sims. Volition wilt nu hetzelfde doen met de FPS.Red Faction™, the first person shooter that will put an end to the clones and stagnant technology plaguing the genre. Every fps gamer has wondered what it would be like to unleash his weapons not just on unworthy opponents, but on the very walls that constrain them. With that in mind, Red Faction introduces Geo-Mod™ technology - real-time, arbitrary geometry modification that drastically enhances realism and diversity of gameplay. Framed by impressive features including an astonishing physics engine, controllable vehicles, intense graphics, kick-ass weapons, unique natural environments and a hugely involving storyline, Red Faction is the next must-have title for serious gamers.Wil je kwijlen en dan niet van het weer buiten? (Wat DOEN jullie achter de pc's? ) klik dan hier.