Alweer een Red Alert II preview, deze keer van de Engelse afdeling van Gamespot. In dit vijfde deel van de Command & Conquer serie is de strijd weer losgebroken tussen de Russen en de Amerikanen. Nog steeds niet in 3D, maar het gaat natuurlijk om de gameplay Another interesting addition to the game is the ability to capture and use neutral buildings for your own purpose. These come in three forms: empty buildings, tech buildings and resources. Unlike most games of this ilk where neutral civilian buildings serve purely as decoration, in Red Alert 2 you'll be able to put GIs into them, turning them into fortresses. Like dug-in grunts, those in buildings lose life at a much lower rate than those in the open and this can be used to tactical advantage. Tech buildings open up even more possibilities. We were shown a civilian airport which qualifies as a tech building - send in an engineer to take it over and you'll suddenly have access to infantry air drops. Finally, as well as ore mining, you'll sometimes come across little civilian oil derricks on the map. Send an engineer in to take them over and, hey presto! You've got a new revenue source. Je hebt trouwens ook geen last meer van Kane, maar of dit nou een vooruitgang is weet ik niet, want een soort van supercomputer is er voor in de plaats gekomen.

Daar gaan we weer!