GameSpot UK brengt ons een zeer uitgebreide preview van Westwood's nieuwe stategy game, Red Alert 2. De designers willen in Red Alert 2 terug gaan naar snelle actie waardoor niet meer vroeg in een game wordt bepaald wie er zal winnen waarna de rest van de tijd besteed moet worden aan het 'uitspelen' van het potje. GameSpot heeft verder nog veel meer info over het verhaal en de units, ik raad je aan om het zelf even te lezen. Aan screenshots overigens ook geen gebrek: Red Alert 2's development is certainly a surprise, especially considering that Westwood made public claims that its next strategy game was going to be Command & Conquer 3: Tiberian Twilight. When asked about that, Westwood told us that what it stated was in fact that its next Command & Conquer game would be Twilight. Does this mean that Red Alert 2 doesn't fall into the Command & Conquer series? Exactly. Westwood wants to branch the Red Alert property into its own entity so that it's not bound to accurately follow (or precede) the events that have already happened in the C&C universe. Doing so gives the Westwood designers freedom to express their creativity while still creating a game that has the look and feel of Command & Conquer. Westwood is expanding this newfound creativity into all facets of the game, including multiplayer. "We're going to add some nontraditional modes that take multiplay beyond the range of worldwide domination and laddered tournaments," says Red Alert 2 executive producer Mark Staggs. "I can't quite say yet what we have in store, but the variety will be astonishing. Whether [gamers are] playing alone or with friends, it'll be a ride [they] won't soon forget." Red Alert 2 will be officially announced by Westwood on the afternoon of April 27.