Avault heeft een lekker lange sappige preview van Red Alert 2 online gezet. Ze behandelen vooral de units in het spel en of Red Alert 2 wel eigenlijk iets nieuws brengt.Westwood has a lot in store for Red Alert 2. For one, they wanted it to be a fast paced, in your face, RTS game that requires quick thinking and reflexes. They needed an engine that would support this quick gameplay, and wouldn't slow down with a lot of units on the screen. In order to accomplish this, Westwood decided to use a stripped down, yet highly detailed Tiberian Sun engine: uses voxels and sprites, removes the deformable terrain, and supports larger map sizes. One of the major complaints for C&C2 was what appeared to be just a revamped C&C engine that included lackluster voxels. Some fans loved it, others didn't. It will be interesting to see how the engine is digested by those fans that began to turn away from the series after Tiberian Sun. I for one, am no longer worried about the graphics engine of the C&C series. After all, it is the gameplay and storyline that makes the C&C offerings golden.> Lees de complete preview hier. IGN heeft zelf een interview online gezet van dat vrouwtje wat je hierboven ziet die blijkbaar dezelfde kledingkast als Lara heeft. Zij is een van de acteurs die we te zien krijgen in de cutscenes van RA2. Het filmpje zie je hier. Mocht je meer info willen lezen over het interview, dan volg je deze link.