Bij 3dgaming hebben ze Red Alert 2 eens nader bekeken. Ik heb niet het idee dat dit spel iets nieuws gaat brengen in het toch al zo uitgemolken strategie genre, maar wie weet..

So of course, Red Alert 2 will blow you away with mindbending 3D technology using z-buffers and tri-linear bi-filtering with data pipes and- er, um. Okay, no. It won't. It's a traditional 2D RTS using the same voxel stuff that Tiberian Sun used. Still, after witnessing the game firsthand at E3, I can confirm that it looks pretty nice. The units are bigger and more detailed than the ones in C&C:TS, which is a welcome change (even though RA2 uses the TS engine). Most of the gameplay in RA2 takes place in urban areas, so expect to see lots of cool city scenery. Also, you'll have the chance to defend and/or destroy many of our nation's beloved landmarks. Ever want to re-enact the scene from Independence Day where the White House gets blown up? Here's your chance. Another handy improvement over Tiberian Sun is greater functionality of the interface. Someone with half a brain saw that the unit production / construction bar from C&C:TS needed a lot of work and thankfully did something about it. You'll now have handy tabs separating the major production groups so as to avoid excessive scrolling and facilitate you getting what you need when you need it. Bekijk hem hier. Acknolidjsd