Alhoewel het ontbreken van een mapeditor bij Red Alert 2 een groot gemis is zorgt Westwood er wel voor dat we niet uitgekeken raken op de maps. Ze hebben alweer een nieuwe mappack op het internet gezet, het 8e alweer sinds het verschijnen van Red Alert 2.Powder Keg (2-8 player island map)

This 8-player map was created for those who enjoy the art of urban combat. Players will find vacant buildings all through out the map with a stockpile of gems in the center.

Dust Bowl (2 player)

Set in the small mining town of Gold Strike, players will find a moderate supply of gold ore, oil, and cows surrounding each of the starting points. Be careful, as the town's folk of Gold Strike do not take kindly to strangers.

Tower of Power (2-4 player map)

This map was designed for battle. Each player will start out in one of the 4 corners of the map. Located in the center, players will find perfect space well suited for base production. The best part, the spot is located on a hill and surrounded by a moat. Your opponents will have a difficult time moving ground forces towards you if properly defended.

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