Yezz, mappack #5 voor Red Alert 2 is uit. Drie maps wederom, alle drie met Oil Derricks. Wat me opvalt is dat ze steeds meer neigen naar grotere maps. De eerste 3 mappacks bevatte ieder een map voor 2 spelers, maar mappack 4 en 5 bevatten maps voor minmaal 2-4 spelers. Bay of Pigs (2-6 player)

Bay of Pigs take place on a large tropical island set with many civilian structures and bunkers for players to garrison. Oil derricks and gold are spread moderately through out the map.

Russian Roulette (2-8 player)

Russian Roulette is an extremely large map set in the Siberian Tundra. Two airfields are located in the center, with a few oil derricks in the vicinity.

Tanya's Training Ground (2-4 player)

This is one of Tanya's secret locations for training her Special Forces team. Players will find an abandon Air force Command Center located at the top of the mountain in the center of the map. Oil derricks can be found on the outer edges away from the main battlefield.

Mappack #5 (409 kb)