7th schrijft: "Top of flop? ":

Nog even en iedereen kan z'n ongezouten mening geven.

Jammer dat er geen demo is om nu al te proberen .

Set off the fireworks. Pop the cork on the champagne (or

sparkling cider, for those of you underage). Visit your favorite software retailer immediately and give him a big hug. Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 is done. It is gold. Version .24 has been pounded on, tested, re-tested, polished, and thrice blessed by two test depertments and the dev team. That beautiful disc, the

result of almost two years of blood, sweat and almost toxic level of caffiene consumption, was then sent away to the manufacturing plant.

And ironically, the disc that was dubbed gold was actually silver, but who really cares? what happens now? Several silver discs are made from the gold disc. Those silver discs are then tested to make sure the

duplication process works. If the silvers pass, then the duplicating machines will start cranking out copies of the game. Then, the folks at the factory drop them into boxes. The boxes are sealed, put into cases of 24, and stored in a warehouse. This process will take about three weeks because thousands upon thousands have

to be made. Then, on October 24th, those boxes will be loaded onto trucks and airplanes and delivered to stores across the continent.Meer van het zelfde, of krijgen we echt vuurwerk ?