Bij Computer en Video Games hebben ze een interview gehad met Mark Skaggs over de voortgang van Red Alert 2. Ook in deze versie zijn de Russen en Amerikanen weer van de partij naast veel bekende elementen kent de game ook tal van nieuwe features, waaronder een compleet nieuwe engine.

CVG: What prompted the “back to basics” approach for Red Alert 2?

MS: “When we started designing, we took a long, hard look at the real-time strategy form, and agreed that, more often than not, the genre usually involves a slow war of attrition - sometimes you've pretty much lost the game in the first ten minutes, and the next two hours is spent playing it out. “What we wanted to do was create a game that was 'balanced high.' That means you should feel like you are on the verge of winning and the edge of losing at the same time. Our unit and level design revolves around that philosophy. We want you to be thrilled about having a few incredible powerful weapons, as well as fret over your crucial vulnerabilities.” Red Alert 2 komt alles een keer meezit, vast wel niet, rond oktober,november van dit jaar uit.