De spanning wordt met de dag groter en we vragen ons allemaal af of RedAlert2 zijn voorgangers heeft overtroffen. Kan Westwood het nog volhouden om het (toch eigenlijk uitgemelkte) genre aantrekkelijk te houden met deze titel?

Bij IGN mochten enkele lezers hun vragen stellen aan Producer Harvard Bonin. Hieronder een korte samenvatting:Will there be air-to-air combat?

David and Elsie Rolls

Harvard Bonin: No, it is mostly air-to-ground. We do have Rocketeers that shoot at aircraft like Harriers or Kirov Airships. We limit the “theaters of war” depending on the unit in order to ensure proper balance. Also, the Flak Cannons and Patriot Missiles take out enemy missiles in the air.

What sort of options will the host have in multiplayer games, like money amount, etc.

Harvard Bonin: Players will get to tweak a variety of options like money, tech level, starting unit amount, maps, alliances, and a whole lot more. You can also build off your allies Con Yard to allow easier base expansion. You also can't forget the many game modes like Land Rush, Meat Grinder and Unholy Alliance.

What prompted Westwood Studios to make a sequel to Command & Conquer: Red Alert?

Harvard Bonin: The fiction of the Red Alert universe, while similar to Command & Conquer has a distinctly different feel. These two differing styles appeal to unique consumers and we wanted to give the Red Alert fans something they would enjoy. The real world setting with the wacky technology slant isn't really pursued much in gaming. We think the mysterious Cold War era is rich in potential and we wanted to explore it further. The whole psychic thing came from actual Soviet remote viewing experiments, etc. from the 40s-50s. I'm sure we'll continue to pursue this type of odd technology in the Red Alert universe as long as gamers still want to play. Deze game kan enkel nog maar goed zijn. En ik denk dat zelfs de diehard StarCraft-fans veel plezier aan RedAlert2 zullen beleven.