Gamespot heeft een preview gedaan van Red Alert 2, volgens het artikel zitten er meer units in het spel dan eerder werd aangenomen en verder wordt er dieper op de verschillende landen ingegaan waarmee je kan spelen.As it turns out, the game will have a lot more units than were initially announced. The Soviet side will have 20 units in all, plus ten buildings and ten types of defenses (walls, sentry guns, etc). Likewise, the Allied forces have ten buildings and ten defensive attachments, but they have one fewer unit - specifically, six different infantry units as opposed to the Soviets' seven. Furthermore, each side will be split into multiple factions for multiplayer skirmishes. Those who prefer the Allies can choose to play as the British, French, Germans, Americans, or Koreans. The Soviets have Russian, Iraqi, Libyan, and Cuban factions. These factions don't just differ by name - each group has one unique unit not available to any other. The unique Korean unit is the Black Eagle attack bomber; the Libyans' is a suicide truck; the Germans have a powerful anti-tank unit; the Cuban unique unit is a terrorist that disguises himself as an Allied spy and uses C4 to blow up buildings; the Iraqis have the heavy Tesla tank; and the Brits have a sniper with deadly accuracy. The unique American unit wasn't revealed to us, unfortunately. Misschien wordt het toch nog wat Je kan verder gaan lezen bij Gamespot