Call of Cthulhu is een actie/adventure horror game gebasseerd op de Cthulhu Mythos en gemaakt door headfirst. Het moet een hele realistische game worden met FPS elementen. Er komen geen powerups en health balkjes meer in voor, als je beeld scheef hangt weet je dat je in je been geraakt bent en je kan naar beneden kijken om te zien hoe erg de schade is. Misschien dat dit de toekomst wordt van FPS?The controls of your character will also be a good indication of your state of health. "Lets say you've got an injury to your leg, you might start leaning to your left or right, and the speed at which you travel will also be effected," reveals Brazier. "So as you can see, the player will be able to get feedback from the actual gameplay as to what condition they are in. We also go as far as having blood trickle down the screen if you sustain a head injury." With a head injury, Andrew tells us that your aiming abilities will be affected along with your field of vision. "Players will find that they won't be able to keep their aim steady, and if the wound goes untreated for too long, they might even suffer brief moments of vertigo or tunnel vision. In addition, head wounds left untreated will eventually lead to your death." He continues, "we want to give players the most realistic experience as possible, so as you can guess there's no miraculous health rechargers on the walls - where you press a button and you get all your heath back. What we want to have is a game that's tied directly into the Cthulhu mythos, where if the investigator got shot in the head (bang!) he was dead. So don't expect to lose 50% of your health and carry on as you were before."

Hier is ook nog een interview met Andrew Brazier (designer) te vinden.