De RealBot FTR 2.1 is uit. In deze versie zijn er vooral dingen gefixed, waaronder de belangrijke Aim-bug.

Ook zijn er 20 maps geoptimaliseerd voor de RealBot en kan de bot alle wapens nu gebruiken, zaken die prettig te noemen zijn.

De nieuwe info-points zijn nog niet toegevoegd, maar deze kunnen we verwachten in FTR 3.Fixes:

- Upgraded little bit navigation

- Bots don't want to follow you anymore in a new round (when round ended with following bots).

- Aim Bug fixed. (bots should be a lot harder to kill now again.)

- CPU Usage lowered, same navigation results (even improved here and there)


- All weapons supported (can be bought and used by bots).

- Some better burst fire, bots burst when you are pretty far away.

- Caution code! Bots can get cautious, or want to rush. When low on health it can get afraid, and is more cautious too!

- Removed 'learn jumping and ducking' code! This code will be re-implemented for the next release. The current code is not efficient enough. (so, place them by yourself!)

(in total 20 optimized maps!)


- mp_autoteambalance 0 is now set at the bot.cfg so the teams will not be balanced when using ME VS ALL BOTS mode.

- Adjusted GRENADE and FLASH code, i hope it makes them a little bit better with their usage.

- Changed command rb_addwaypoint into rb_addinfopoint

- MOVE info-points have priority #1 when you add them. Meaning when database is full. Then it will try to 'overwrite' it with a lower priority info-point.

(MOVE is #1, JUMP and DUCK #2 , etc)

Misc: - When typing RB_MINSKILL or RB_MAXSKILL without value, you can see what the current settings are.De complete lijst met veranderingen vind je hier of download de Realbot FTR 2.1 gewoon meteen hier (199kB).