De door een Nederlander gemaakte Counter Strike bot RealBot heeft Alpha 2 bereikt. In de laatste versie zit een indrukwekkende lijst met verbeteringen zoals een beter koopgedrag van de bots en realistischere bewegingen.- Bot doesnt will not fire 1 bullet of its weapon before planting bomb.

- Bots do not always go for the same bombspot.

- Made a more rough scan, improves speed.

- Bots should go to doors and use ladders more often.

- Bots should plant bomb , or go more after the bombsite , more often.

- Bots should use hostages again.

- Bots now don't hang at each other starting locations or goal locations

resulting in a faster ending round, most of the time. Bots search

for goals, enemy spots and even their own spots to search the enemy.

- Bots chase their main goal (hostage or bomb spot) more when it cans.

- Bots aiming affected by fight style, e.g. a jumping bot has less aiming

then a bot who crouches.

- Bots prevent from getting stuck more often (they don't walk stupidly

into a corner before they realize they will get stuck there).

- Bots buy Armor, they choose the best armor depending on their amount

of money and the amount of armor they already have.

- Bots buy less the machine gun.

- Bots buy even less sniper guns.

- Increased shooting speed of secondary guns

- Bots follow more entities

- Adjusted the base delays... now the bots should not react to fast, more like human players.

- Bots use sniper guns for VERY long ranges, so you can get a headshot if you don't watch your


- Counter-Terrorists and Vip are friends now and Terrors fight the VIP

This means that Assault maps can now be played without the strange

vip attacking stuff. However, VIP bot doesnt search for rescue point!

- Bots shoot at breakable objects, although it doesnt know yet if it is really breakable

or already broken.

- Very primitve hearing, the bots get sometimes paranoid when they hear

someone but can't see him.

- Bots use Buttons on a primitive way,this means, they can push button

but don't know (yet) all meanings of it, e.g. its an elevator or door

that opens/activates..

- Bots use DUCK-JUMP now, instead of a normal JUMP.

- Bots duck sometimes.

- Bots should less use the knife in close combat.

- 3 Name changes , nothing special ;-)

- Bots do some chatsentences when killing an opponent.

- Fix in Freezetime so bots will also freeze when money is at 16000 or

higher. Thanx to ditlew for the fix.

- New water-navigation code, note that it navigates bad in water and

bots will try to get out asap.

- Terrorists bots will try to pick up the dropped bomb, while ct bots try to

defend it.

- Bots RANDOMLY drop their weapon, they don't look if its a better weapon or if its own

weapon is out of ammo. It does give a more dynamic play though. (doesnt happen often, mail me if you see it happen since i didnt, but it should work.)

- Bots follow each other a bit to navigate better and more in a group.Meer info over de bot en downloadlocaties kan je vinden op de Realbot homepage. Voor op en aanmerkingen kan je terecht op de Realbot forums.

Weer een goed nederlands exportproduct dacht ik zo

Bedankt crazios en Stefan voor de tip.