Gelukkig heeft RedStorm zijn roots nog niet verlaten en komt binnenkort de nieuwe standalone 'RB6: Covert Ops Essentials' op de markt

GamingCove schreef er (ook) al een review over, die overigens behoorlijk positief uitviel (tot opluchting van de redactie hier ).Visually, the missions disc is more or less Rogue Spear/Urban Operations. The sound and music are ultimately the same as those two titles as well. Nothing wrong there, as both of the aforementioned titles had excellent sound and music down to the foot steps, machine gun rattle, and terrorist screams. However one wonders if more could have been added. Not a big gripe, just an admitted nit-pick from a Rainbow Six player and fan. Also, Rainbow Six has never been a title for the accelerator monkey, it's just not that type of game. The graphics serve their purpose and run smoothly on an average system, with rarely any major graphical glitches, except the occasional clipping. In the end, Covert Ops is a unique fit in the Rainbow Six franchise. Although it lacks the maps, and major retrofits in the weapons and graphics arena, it wasn't meant as fully fledged upgrade, rather a step in another direction for Rainbow Six fans. "The Rainbow franchise is all about giving players a first-hand counter-terrorist (CT) experience" to quote a recent FAQ sent to The Gaming Cove. The interactive trainer itself might be sold alone by other developers as a fully packaged deal, but Red Storm did put it together with a mission map disc (albeit thin) and all things considered, it's a great addition to any Rainbow Six fans collection for the price and the content. Covert Ops is unique, but solid. Happy hunting.

Leg CounterStrike dus maar weer even aan de kant, want het is tijd voor het echte snipe- en sluipwerk.