Bij Rizenet waren ze behoorlijk onder de indruk van de Razer Boomslang 2000. Het muisje (grappig genoeg met de naam van een slang) is vooral bedoeld voor de Hardcore gamers onder ons en is supernauwkeurig (2000 DPI), iets dat vooral van pas komt in FPS games.

The Razer Boomslang is built with one thing in mind. Gaming. I don't mean solitaire or anything like that either. I mean hardcore gaming. While you can use it for everyday computing, and I do, only a serious gamer would consider spending 100 dollars on a mouse. I mean coolness and great features aside, it's still a mouse. Price aside, any gamer will love this mouse... eventually.

How does it stack up in your games? Does it really make a difference and is it 100 bucks worth? The answer, in general, is a resounding, "HELL YES IT DOES!" The mouse does have a learning curve, but once you master it look out. My frag count increased by, damn near, 50% in a matter of about 3 days. Speed is the essence of FPS games, and this rodent just oozes it. Be for-warned that the buttons and scroll wheel are EXTREMELY sensitive. You hit the buttons, just barely, and there is no going back. That takes a lot of getting used to, but be patient. The only other complaint I have it that the scroll wheel is positioned a little to far forwards on the mouse. Your hand tends to gravitate backwards as you get used to the Boomslang, which puts the wheel slightly out of reach for those of us with smaller hands. Met een prijskaartje van ongeveer $100 is dit muisje zeker niet de goedkoopste, maar als je echt een fan van FPS games bent, dan is dit het gereedschap dat je nodig hebt om serieus kont te gaan schoppen .