Na Id Software en 3d Realms zoekt nu ook Raven leveldesigners. Blijkbaar zijn die moeilijk te vinden, zeker als je kijkt naar de kwaliteit van levels in Q3 Raven Software is looking for several talented and experienced level designers to join our team. We are looking for highly motivated, creative and skilled people who have experience with the Quake technology in any form (Heretic 2, Half-Life, Quake 1-3, SiN). The abillity to adapt is a strong plus, and any background in code or scripting will go a long way. At this time we can only accept applications from people who live inside the continental United States. The position is a full time one and it requires that you move to Madison, WI. If you think you have the drive, determination, and creativity to make it as a designer, drop me a line with your resume and a little bio about yourself. We also need to see your best single player level to date... this should be in one of the previously mentioned games.Mail naar Eric Biessman om je aan te melden. Enige criteria is dat je naar Madison verhuist, hmmmm.