Terwijl je nog wel even bezig bent met het downloaden van de Oni demo, kan je ondertussen een inteview lezen met de een van de oprichters van Raven Software, genaamd Brian Raffel. Stomped: What, in your opinion, was the single most encouraging trend in gaming that appeared this year and why?

Raffel: It is hard to pick out a trend in a year but it seems that this was a year were multiplayer games continued to grow in popularity and scope. There were great games with Quake III and Unreal tournament (out last year but) and Baldur's Gate II, Diablo II as well but I only play against Raven people since they have to lose to me or lose their office. Just ask Bob Love who dared to beat me at AOK. Nice cube Bob!

Stomped: What trend in gaming gave you the most pause in the year 2000 and why?

Raffel: I think the whole violence in gaming issue was one we particularly were focused on. It was very frustrating for us to see people read into our games things that were NOT there and after all of the precautions we took!Het hele verhaal kan je bezichtigen bij Stomped.