Raven is met 3 nieuwe projecten bezig, liet Jake Simpson weten via zijn finger. Verder wil hij er niets over kwijt, alleen dat hij de Playstation 2 een nogal spannend platform vind, wat zou impliceren dat in ieder geval project 'X' daarop zou uitkomen.Raven now has three projects going again. Kind of. Lets call them Project X, Y and Z. I'm on project X. Actually it's a two part project, so we should call it X1 and X2. Voyager should be on the shelves in a few days, so that's going to be nice. Sof GOLD is straining at the leash to be let free, so that should be announced as gold pretty soon I think.

PSX2 wise we are starting to see some dresults on evelopement of what we are doing. It's an exciting time to be a developer, delving into a new machine and learning it's secrets.