Voodoo eXtreme heeft een interview met Jake Simpson. Ze hebben het over hoe hij met Raven in aanraking is gekomen, wat hij van het team vind en de plannen voor Playstation 2 VE: Currently, what are Raven Software's plans for the Playstation 2? Any hope of a Soldier of Fortune port? What about for Elite Force? JS: Much as I would like to I can't really go into too much detail here. And it's not because we are being tight lipped, it's more to do with decisions about which direction we want to take. Currently we are juggling about 3 or 4 different idea's in the air while we explore the technology. Once we've made a decision, I'm sure our glorious leader Brian Raffel will announce it to the world. Port wise I think we are exploring the possibility of a Sega Dreamcast version of SOF. We haven't decided on any playstation2 ports simply because it's all so new right now. Once it's out there, and the technology is more proven I'm sure this will all be revisited. For Elite Force, well, it's just so far down the pike right now that no one is committing to anything. Traditionally games have to sell a set number of games in the PC arena before they are considered for a port. We will just have to see what happens there. Mind you, it would be nice to see Elite Force on the PS2 I've no doubt Lees de rest hier