Voodoo Extreme heeft een log neer gestuiterd van de chatsessie die zij vannacht georganiseerd hadden met het team van Raven Software, developer van Soldier of Fortune en Elite Force. Hier een hap:MODERATOR:When can we see the demo for Elite Force and Soldier of Fortune? What about the full game? Raven_El_Krem:You'll see the demo for SOF before the full game is released, but we're not given any concrete dates as of yet. Raven_Oz:Elite Force has no official release date, but should be released sometime around Spring 2000, with a demo shortly before that Raven_Pagan:There is no set date for the demo....however, it is fairly close. SinTheta:what were some of the reasons for using the quake 2 engine , instead of the unreal engine ? [Or some other engine -- Chris] Raven_Jake:Well, we have a very close relationship with Id. Why put any strain on that by using a competitors engine? Plus, we have a ton of experience with Id code, and none with Epic. Raven_Pagan:All our experience is with the Quake series of engines - it makes sense to stick with what we know.. Raven_Jake:Id has a design philosiphy, one that our designers are well into then groove with. Raven_Pagan:Quake2 was also done when we started Heretic2....a big help! Raven_Oz:yeah i'm rather partial to the Quake style of level designing myself Raven_Jakeid I tell anyone what I do? I think I was being factious earlier..