CaVG babbelde wat met Randy Pitchford van Gearbox Software over alles dat met FPS te maken heeft en daar kwam een heel aardig interview uit rollen. Jammer genoeg verteld Pitchford niets over Gearbox' eerste eigen game met in de hoofdrol James Bond. Waar ze het dan verder wel over hadden kun je hier lezen. As consoles become more powerful, do you think that we will start to see the PC shunned, or do you think that it will always be the best machine to play first-person shooter games on? Pitchford: I get this question with every generation of new console hardware. As long as there are PC's, there will always be PC games – especially FPS games. Which platform's the 'best' for FPS games? It's really a question of interface and feedback. Right now, all of the systems give me about the same feedback – rendered images on a flat screen. PC's are more likely to be connected to each other, so it's easier to get input from many people from which to generate feedback. That gives PC's a bit of an advantage. The consoles have unified controllers, which actually is an advantage except for the fact that the hardcore FPS players (including myself), became familiar with playing the games with a mouse and keyboard. If someone comes along with true VR (both input and feedback) and it's cheap and can easily connect everyone together – that will be the best platform for an FPS game. Until then, I'll play with my keyboard and mouse and you can play with whatever you want... Hoewel ik me de komende tijd nog niet zie zitten met een VR-bril op en andere benodigdheden heeft Randy wel gelijk dat de muis/keyboard combo tot dan toe het meest geliefd zal zijn onder FPS spelers. Voor de rest van het interview surf je naar CaVG