Gamespot heeft een preview van de game 'Rally masters' gemaakt en was zo aardig om die op hun site te zetten. However, some players have been turned off by its no-compromise approach in this respect - preferring a bit more game, for fun's sake, as opposed to just a good simulation. Rally Masters follows this train of thought with over 40 circuits from around the world - with a variety of scenery including tropical, ice, green fields, desert and indoor stadia, in the USA, Sweden, Indonesia and elsewhere. The addition of weather effects like snow and rain, and consequently mud, affect car control. Rally Masters has more of an arcade feel than Colin McRae or Rally Championship. This isn't to say that it lacks a sense of being in control of a "real" car, though. (...)The familiar co-driver gives instructions and arrows provide visual direction, but it's by no means easy to get there until you master the art of oversteer. Again, it's not too fussy here and it's certainly easier to control than Rally Championship.Een goeie rally game, maar meer gericht op arcade als zijn concurrenten dus.