Van de makers van Motorhead komt binnenkort (Feb. 2000) Rally Masters (ofwel: Test Drive Rally in de US). Dit is een spel waar ik zelf heel erg benieuwd naar ben. Check zeker de screens hieronder, erg kewl!Rally Masters is being published by Digital Illusions, a game developer situated in Sweden, with over 22 employees. They have been developing games since 1988. 8 Games have been developed so far, including Pinball Illusions, S40 racing-the game, Motorhead and STCC (which was released two days ago).

Their latest game is called Rally Masters (Test Drive Rally in the US) and takes you to the very popular "Michelin Rally Masters - Race of Champions" event on Gran Canaria, held at the end of every rally season.

Rally Masters puts you head to head, bumper to bumper, against the greatest drivers the sport of Rallying has ever seen. Racing 17 different Rally Cars across more than 40 circuits, in environments that are as difficult as they are demanding. Drivers must use all their nerve and skill, to compete against each other in a series of world wide events, with the sole purpose of achieving the ultimate goal... To become the Champion of Champions, and a true Rally Master.

The game is incredibly realistic due to this engine. It has real-time on-screen car damage with the option to effect car handling, highly detailed cars with reflection mapping in all modes of play. Also included are weather conditions; clear, snow, ice, rain, fog, day and night. Special effects include transparent glass effects, lens reflections, bodice deformations, smoke, dirt, skid-marks, etc. You will also be able to set up you car; tire choice, gear ratio, springs, etc...

If you have seen the movies already, then you probably have noticed that incredible suspension physics were included. In the first movie you'll see Tommi Mäkkinen going down the hill and you'll see the suspenion-roll of the car. When braking, the car tilts forward, etc..k.e.w.l..