Gamez Extreme kreeg een kopietje van Rally Championship in handen en hebben er maar meteen een review omheen gebouwd. De game scoort hoog bij hun: 95%This is a fine racing game and an excellent rally simulation, its wealth of options and varying levels of player interaction allows for a deeply satisfying rally, or if you don't mind the 6-10 minute long tracks, a quick pick up and play. There's a fantastic split screen 2 player mode which is quite thoughtful for a PC game, and with the network settings, I can imagine this becoming popular at LAN parties. The mostly brilliant graphics are only let down by the terrible headlights and trees. Along with the sheer amount of tracks, and their spot-on replication, this game will thrill avid rally fans, and prove to all that nature designs them best. I can't recommend this game enough! Go and buy it!