Onder de Titel Postmortem: Red Storm's Rainbow Six praat designer Brain Upton ons helemaal bij over het concept ,ontwikkeling en de uiteindelijke release van Rainbow Six. Je kan het artikel vinden op de site van Gamasutra.

Ironically, the only major element that we hadn't developed during those first few weeks was the tie-in to Tom Clancy's book. Clancy was part of the original brainstorming session and had responded as enthusiastically as the rest of us to the HRT concept, but he hadn't yet decided to make it the subject of his next novel. Because we had moved away from doing a strict hostage rescue game, we batted around a lot of different Black Ops back stories in our design meetings, ranging in time from the World War II era to the near future. For a while, we considered setting the game in the 1960s at the height of the Cold War, giving it a very Austin Powers/Avengers feel. We eventually converged on the Rainbow Six back story in early 1997, but we didn't find out that we would be paralleling Clancy's novel until almost April. Fortunately, we'd been sharing information back and forth the whole time, so bringing the game in line with the book didn't involve too much extra work. (If you compare the game to the novel, however, you'll notice that they have different endings. Due to scheduling constraints, we had to lock down the final missions several months before Clancy finished writing. One of the pitfalls of parallel development…)