Na Tomb Raider komt nu ook Rainbow Six op het grote scherm. Paramount Pictures heeft er genoeg vertrouwen in om er een stapel geld in te steken. This won't be Paramount's first run with a Tom Clancy property. The studio has already had great success with The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger. It's not the studio's first game-to-movie transition either. Angelina Jolie will star in the big-screen adaptation of Tomb Raider next year. At present, not a lot is known about the film. No stars are attached and no target date has been named. It's doubtful Harrison Ford would have a significant role, as the game/book focuses on John Clark. (Willem Dafoe held that role in the film version of Clear and Present Danger.) We zullen zien, als ze er nou ook een of andere coole babe voor weten te strikken.