Soms lijkt het nieuws alleen over Counter-Strike en andere Tactical Shooters te gaan. De Rainbow Six fans onder ons hebben dan wel eens het idee dat ze gepasseerd worden. Voor alle Rainbow Six en Tactical shooter fans goed nieuws. Tactical Arena maakte een first look van de Rainbow Six Covert Ops Essentials. Firstly, here's what the package includes :

2 - CD set

1 Tri-Fold Keycard

1 Game Manual

For the uninitiated, the 2 CD set contains a Training CD as well as a Mission CD. The Training CD is chocked full of information, bristling with content. Everything one would be required to know and then some is all in there. Of particular interest was the subject of "Field Encryption" and in the CD itself, was teeming with specifics that could make any OCS (Officer Candidate School) Cadet wish he had this before enlisting. Make no mistake, the people behind this product are the real McCoys! I can't stress enough on the information found in the Training CD. Right there alone is worth what you may pay at retail and what you read is far better than any fiction currently out there. Heck - it's based on

Real-World sources. You'll even be required to take a Covert Ops Exam!First look, one kill