OMGWTF (Wat een leuke naam heef hij ) meldde ons via de newssubmit dat PlanetRainbowSix een review heeft geschreven van de mega pack Covert Operations Essentials.

The full title of the "package"(you will see why I called it as such in a minute) is Rainbow Six: Covert Operations Essentials. A better name would be CT(Counter-Terrorist) Operations Essentials or Special Operations Essentials. Covert is a bad name because few(if any) counter terrorist operation were ever "covert", since terrorism focuses on getting attention from the world onto themselves by the press, the operation can't be "covert" with about 60 cameras pointed at the scene of the action and live colour commentary by news services throughout the event in 13 different languages.

The package you get has 2 CDs. One is called the training disc, the other mission disc. The Training CD is an "interactive encyclopaedia" of pretty much everything you need to know on CT operations and other aspects of that field. The Mission CD could be played as a stand-alone game, containing 3 missions for a campaign and 6 more training missions. The point of the whole package, really, is to introduce computer owners who previously never played Rainbow Six, never played a 3D shooter, never played a GAME on computer! Since the (supposedly)average buyer for COE never played Rainbow Six/Rogue Spear before, the person will check out the Training CD, learn as much as he/she can about CT operations, the equipments, tactics, histories, stuff like that, then go to the Mission CD and try what he/she learned. If satisfied, that person will be VERY likely to buy Rainbow Six/Rogue Spear and any next generation Rainbow Six series games.

Deze pack is volgens PlanetRainbowSix vooral handig voor mensen die altijd Quake hebben gespeeld en in de tactische wereld willen stappen van RainBow Six.

Voor de doorgewinterde Rainbow Six spelers zal deze pack erg weinig nieuws bieden.

Review Rainbow Six Covert Operations Essentials