SCTA staat voor Super Configurable Team Arena en is waarschijnlijk één van de eerste modifications voor Quake3:Team Arena. Alle info over SCTA heb ik hieronder voor je neergeplant:Features:

hologram - lifelike representation of your character. Fool the enemy!

flexible voting - enable/disable any/all of Q3's voting features

global voice taunt limiting - Don't you just HATE it when people vtaunt over and over?

ability to change respawn timers for ammo, health, megahealth, holdable items, and armor

Spawn the weapons YOU want on the map. Create rail-only maps if you want!

Team scoring (# of points for certain actions) is configurable

Drop items ability (powerups, holdable items, ammo, flag, persistent powerups (IE scout, guard, etc))

MOTD - print some info about you and your server while people are in spectator mode

Note: This mod is distributed in VM format (no dll's) so it's compatible with ALL platforms.


Download the .pk3 file above

Place the file in your MISSIONPACK directory

Download the sample server config & map rotation above

Place the files in your MISSIONPACK directory

Edit to your liking

Download the sample startup script above

Place the file in your main Q3A directory

Edit to your liking



use /holo to create holograms. You may only have/create holograms while you have NO holdable items or powerups.

use /drop to drop certain types of items. can be one of: ammo, flag, persistent (things like Scout, Guard, etc), powerup, or holdable. When dropping ammo, the type of ammo dropped is the kind used by your currently-selected weapon.

Known Issues:

MOTD is displayed on top of other words during warmup, making it somewhat unreadable

Apparently there's an infinite loop somewhere that I need to track down. It renders the server totally unresponsive Om de mod op je computer te krijgen moet je op deze pagina alle files neerhalen.