"It's the most wonderfull time of the year" voor de Macintosch gebruikers onder ons. Na Star Trek: Elite Force en SiN is nu ook de demo van Quake3:Team Arena gereleased.Probably the biggest attraction of the new expansion pack is its two new gameplay modes. As the name implies, these modes emphasize teamplay. I got to test drive both Harvester and Overload, and had a blast doing it. Here's a bit of what you can expect.

Harvester seems like the most fun of the two modes, and bears more than a passing resemblance the Quake 2 mod, Headhunters. It's a basic team deathmatch to start, but when you kill an opponent his/her skull spawns at a structure in the middle of the map. You or one of your teammates must then run over the skull, pick it up, and then return it to your enemy's base to score points. You can carry as many skulls as you like, and controlling the central structure becomes a question of victory or defeat. Of course, since every frag results in a skull, this central battleground can get furious and violent, and one player can often make a break for it with a long stream of the ghostly skulls trailing behind him/her. Add to all this the fact that you must then penetrate your opponent's defenses to score points with your collected skulls and it becomes a really tense game. De directe download is op deze link te vinden. Wij danken VTec voor de link!