VAK wees mij op een artikel van gamecenter genaamd:

Quake 3 vs pokemon, who's tougher? Het gaat vooral over geweld in videogames. Hier een quote:If there's one lesson to be learned from the 20th century, it's that the American consumer is as dumb as the proverbial post. Got a bunch of junk you need to unload? Well, slap it in a box, give it an annoying trait--such as the ability to speak or urinate on itself--and voilà: sit back and watch the money trucks line up outside your door. Unfortunately, other nations have noticed America's insatiable appetite for all things useless and are flooding our valiant shores with all manner of garbage. And the biggest purveyor of this never-ending stream of useless crap? None other than the Japanese. First came the Tamagotchi, which swept across America like some out-of-control disease, warping and destroying the minds of America's youth with its lies and deceptions. All across America, real pets dropped like flies, starved and neglected, as the starry-eyed youths of this fine country spent every waking moment primping and feeding their new "virtual pets." It was truly a horrific and trying time for this great nation.