Kci, Hulzzz en M*G*M schreven ons dat Quake 3 Team Arena gold is gegaan. Dat betekend voor sommigen dat ze een hele leuke en bloederige kerst tegemoet gaan

De MAC en Linux versies zijn ze nog mee bezig en het is niet bekend wanneer die zullen uitkomen.

We expect that it may begin showing up at shops like EB and Babbages as early as Friday the 15th. It may take a bit longer for stores like Best Buy, CompUSA, etc. to

get it in. You should check with your local retailer to see if/when they will be getting their supply in.

For customers outside of North America, we're going to do our best to get copies out

to you before Christmas, but I don't have any sort of solid dates at this point. I'll

let everyone know as soon as I get this information.

If you haven't checked out the Demo or .avi yet, they're definitely worth the download.

We're still working on Mac and Linux, but Demos for those (as well as binaries) should be available "soon".

Damn, this looks sweet boy!!

Ik ga CS even neerleggen en kijken of Team Arena me echt kan boeien.