Leuk nieuws is dat de Quake3 1.27 source-code (inc Team Arena) is vrijgegeven. In zijn .plan legt Robert Duffy uit wat we de komende tijd nog aan tools mogen verwachten en wat er voor andere bijkomstigheden er zijn aan de source-code.

Een GTKradient wordt binnenkort verwacht.The 1.27 game source and the tool source has been put up on our ftp site. This game source contains prebuilt tools in the bin_nt directory but there is not yet a user friendly version of the tool installer done. A tool install that contains additional media for Team Arena creation, entity definitions etc. will be released shortly ( mid January-ish ). Timothee and his crew should be releasing GTKRadiant that WILL be user friendly soon ( next week as I hear it ).

The source for the tools is also available. Graeme is going to be releasing the ROQ endocer today or tomorrow I believe. Enjoy.De complete sourcecode is op de ID-ftp te downloaden alsook de toolcode.