Raven Software's heeft haar plannen geupdate en heeft gezegd dat er een Quake2 moddel support komt in Soldier Fortune.With the demo being extremely close to being released, followed by the full game, I'm looking for feedback in this area. Currently, you need to have a copy of 3DS MAX 2.0 in order to create GHOUL models. This may be of inconvience to some people, so I've left in support for Quake2 models. This code hasn't been used in well over a 16 months, and may not even work with all of our networking changes. Should I leave in Quake2 model support? Is that worth-while for MOD makers? Or should I remove it and go on with life? Or if someone has done a Quake3 model viewer for the Quake1 source code, should that be placed in? (given the author gives me permission, as I just can't plop in Q3A source code into our project). Send me an email with your thoughts. Please put a subject of "Q2M", so that my filter will move it into a folder for me.