Na "Quad God" en "CTF - Comedy in Armor" is Tritin Films bezig met een nieuwe Quake film, wat zeg ik, "Quake: The Movie". Ditmaal geen vage models meer maar echte goede animatie. Tenminste, dat werd belooft Ze doen er in ieder geval erg lang over de rendering (5 sec in 640x480 schijnt 17 uur te duren) dus we mogen aannemen dat de kwaliteit wel enigzins redelijk is.

De teaser is intussen ook al klaar, maar ze willen hem in divX releasen, oftewel meer uitstel. Volgens Pappy van Planetquake is hij echter wel heel cool.Tritin Films has spent the past two weeks creating the first teaser for Quake The Movie. It will be released at a later date when the divx codec is implemented. Also, poster development has been mentioned and production should also start shortly on that part of the project. The teaser and poster may sound like wrap-up projects, but in reality, the film is still a-far off down the road in 2001.The print mag, PC Zone is previewing a new exclusive scene from Quake The Movie in a article in this month's issue.

Pappy's Note:

I was given the chance to view the two minute teaser they have so far, and although I can't post any media from it, I can tell you it's simply amazing. For quality, it could easily be compared to the cinematics from Quake 2 and Quake III. The animation, character movement and feel of the enviroments is along the lines of something you'd see on the big screen. The musical score is a real grabber and again, something you'd normally be OK paying a few bucks for. This one is something to wait and watch for. No matter what the size, grab what you can to get a peek at this work.