id Software heeft een beta patch voor Quake III gereleased. Als alles goed gaat volgt de officiële release van de patch snel. De lijst van updates en fixes is vrij groot, klik hier om deze te bekijken. Hieronder de info afkomstig van 3DFiles, waar je de zaak ook kan downloaden. "We've decided to make the point release beta, but public, because there's nothing like a few million beta testers! When running servers using this release we highly suggest running them as non-pure servers so that older clients can connect to them without problems. Please read the enclosed FAQ for a detailed list of which bugs and UI features we've addressed with this point release. If all goes well we'll go with a final version of the point release very soon. The Macintosh and Linux builds of the point release BETA will be out hopefully today as well." - id Software's Graeme Devine