The Adrenaline Vault heeft een review van Quake III Arena neer gemikt. Overall krijgt het spel een rating van 3,5/5, lager dan Unreal Tournament (4,5/5):ou want deathmatch? The sort that offers an undiluted rush of adrenaline-intensified action? Q3A has it in spades. How about Capture the Flag? It has that, too, but not much more. The single-player game is fun once, but is more notable for its brevity; on Hurt Me Plenty, the middle difficulty setting, I completed the entire tournament in just over three hours. Even though it is possible to go through the levels again facing tougher bots, the experience offers nothing new, so there is limited incentive to rescale the single-player ladder despite the nice investment id made in the AI. Perhaps if they had made a similar investment in a more rewarding Arena Eternal and added some interesting game modes as Epic did, even if it was just implementing some of the better user-created mods and giving them a professional polish, Q3A would have succeeded on a higher level. I guess id would rather let its users go nuts and create add-ons, as is already happening on a large scale; off the shelf, however, the game offers little more than solid deathmatch and some CTF. The problem is, we have seen it all before several times over.