Dreamcast.IGN heeft een preview gedaan van de PC monsterhit Quake 3 op de Dreamcast. De schrijver is erg onder de indruk van het spel en kwam er achter dat Dreamcastquakers WEL tegen PCquakers kunnen gaan spelen. Dat beloofd wat The game is currently running just below 30 FPS, and Rastor plans to have it locked down to a solid 30, possibly even 60 if some miracle occurs, by the time development on the game is finished. I know 30 may seem like a let-down, but from what we saw, you'll be fairly impressed with that frame rate. The game is impeccably smooth for a console FPS title, and thing seems to move with ease in most instances. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that right now, this game is right up there visually with the PS2 version of UT in terms of visual effects and texture quality, and that, my friends, is saying something.

We also discovered that PC users will be able to play Dreamcast users for sure. Sega will be releasing the new Dreamcast levels and the compatibility code as part of a free add-on pack that PC users will be able to download from SegaNet a month or so after the Dreamcast release. Why the wait, you ask? Producer Scott Hawkins explained that they want to make sure that DC users have plenty of time to come to grips with gameplay before they "unleash the dogs of war" on console users who may not be quite ready for the PC crowd.Je kan het (erg lange) verhaal op Dreamcast.IGN verder lezen.

Quake 3 PC vs Quake 3 Dreamcast, who wins ?