Weer een reviewtje van Quake ]I[ test... Als je nog bijna niets weet over Quake ]I[ (wie dat moet zijn, weet ik niet ), dan moet je dit ff checken. Als je wat leuke shots wil zien, check het ook!

Alles over de bots, levels, moeilijkheidsgraden en wat niet eigenlijk...There's one new map, probably best suited for 1on1, called Arena Gate. This is one of the maps that have been described as having no level changes (no ups and downs), which is supposed to cater to newbies. I'm far from a newbie, and I love this map. You don't notice the lack of level changes as a bad thing, and the layout is real nice. My opinion is probably affected by the fact that I'm starved for more q3 levels, but still, it's a good map. A real bonus is the lovely mouth with sharp teeth and tongue, which we've all seen before in demos and screenshots.

The Quake 3 Arena Demo Test has given us all the long-awaited first taste of the bots, as well as all the other minor and major changes the guys at id have been working on during the past few months. It doesn't quite give us the feeling of playing a real sample of the full game, as most demos do, but then again most demos don't have the tag TEST added to their name. Ja... het rechter plaatje hoort er ook bij..